Have You Ever Dreamt Of Making A Full Time Income From Your Hobbies Interests And The Activities You Enjoy

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Government statistics shows you can!

If it's a hobby you're passionate about, a special skill you possess or inside knowledge that would intrigue others! You can create a Thriving profitable business just by doing what you love to do each and every day!

"The Facts... A multi-Billion pound industry!"

According to National statistics the average UK household will spend at least £57.40 a week on recreation and their hobbies that's a minimum of £2984.80 per household, per year spent on hobbies and recreation, it's the second highest spend for the typical UK household and only second to the £61.70 spent on transport cost, (car, insurance, petrol, tax, repairs etc...)

The statistics show that more money is spent on recreation and hobbies, then food and drink, housing fuel and power, clothing and footwear, household goods and services, education and even health.

Research also carried out by national statistics estimates that there were 61.4 million people living in the UK in 2008 with that figure set to rise by 4 million by 2018 and the population is set to hit 71.6 million by 2033.

The research showed there are 23.8 million households in the UK. That means the estimated yearly spend on hobbies and recreation in the UK alone is 68 Billion pounds and rising year on year.

"Defying recession, a trend for spending!"

UK national statistics show that 18.3 million households in the UK (70 per cent) had Internet access in 2009. This is an increase of just under 2 million households (11 per cent) over the last year and 4 million households (28 per cent) since 2006.

Sixty-three per cent of all UK households had a broadband connection in 2009, up from 56 per cent in 2008. Of those households with Internet access, 90 per cent had a broadband connection in 2009, an increase from 69 per cent in 2006.

In 2009, 37.4 million adults (76 per cent of the UK adult population) accessed the Internet in the three months prior to the national statistics interview. The number of adults who had never accessed the Internet fell to 10.2 million (21 per cent) in 2009.

Sixty four per cent of all adults who were recent Internet users (having accessed the Internet in the three months prior to the national statistics interview) had ever purchased goods or services over the Internet.

Of these, 83 per cent (26 million) had purchased within the last three months.

"UK online spending to reach £56bn by 2014"

Online spending in the UK is set to reach £56bn by 2014 as the web defies the recession, according to analyst Forrester Research.

Internet sales are set to grow at a yearly rate of six per cent over the next six years, says the survey, which covered more than 4,100 UK consumers as well as large retailers with a web presence.

According to Forrester, around 28 million UK consumers shop online today and the figure is set to jump to 37 million by 2014, the equivalent of £56Billion in value.

UK consumers are leading the online shopping trend, with spending reaching around £1,312 per person per year. By comparison, Germans spend £771 a year online and the French spend £693 annually.

"Even leading UK retailers such as Argos, Next, and Tesco have begun integrating their channels in search of seamless cross-channel customer experiences to help drive substantial sales growth," says the Forrester report.

Popular items among online shoppers in the UK are books, DVDs and leisure travel, while the French are likely to shop for clothes, books and leisure travel. Books, clothing and event tickets are the most common items to be purchased online in Germany.

"For the past decade, online shopping in the UK has been driven by a virtuous cycle," said Forrester retail analyst Victoria Bracewell Lewis.

"Growing numbers of UK online shoppers and growing online spend per shopper encourage retailers and travel operators to improve their online offerings, which in turn draw more shoppers and higher spending."

According to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, UK shoppers spent over £4.6Billion during the Christmas period last year, an increase of more than 14 per cent year on year - equivalent to £76.67 for every person in the UK.

The studies also show that in 2008 UK consumers had spent £13billion online in the first three months of the year, the equivalent to £213 for every person in the country.

"Getting in on the action... here are the facts!"

We know from real fact based statistics that online consumer spending is on the rise year on year.

We also know through these statistics that the second highest household spend in the UK, is money spent on recreation and hobbies... yes! Even higher then spending on housing costs, food, clothing, education and health. Which means - "people love to spend money on their hobbies and interests".

Statistics also show us that the most purchased items online in the UK are books, DVDs and travel leisure.

It makes practical and logical sense to produce and sell the most purchased items online in the UK. It also makes sense that we create these items related to hobbies and recreation which is a multi billion pound industry and the second highest household spend in the UK.

When it comes to hobbies and interests there are also tens of thousands of topics, sub topics and subjects to choose from and most of these hobbies and interests are completely over looked by major companies, competition and the mainstream media. Meaning there is big money to be made by the little guy.

"Replacing your current income and beyond"

Books and DVDs are extremely cheap to reproduce, with a professional book costing around a penny per page to reproduce with a retail price of £5 - £12.

DVDs however take profits to a whole new level, with reproduction costs around £1 to £1.50 and a retail price of anything from £20 - £50 depending on the topic, subject and availability of the DVD. Mark ups of 5000%

These profit margins are worlds apart compared to the 5 - 30% mark up on retail and wholesale items.

"Doing the maths"

If you had a DVD that retailed at £20 and had a duplication cost of £1 per DVD, this includes art work, printing, case, blank disc and shrink wrapping. That means for every 1000 DVDs you sell you would make £19,000 in profit! Selling 5000 DVDs a year would net you £95,000 per year pre tax profit. 5000 may sound like a lot of DVDs to sell, the truth is, it is if you go the wrong way about it, however if you follow the right plan and take the appropriate steps then it can be achieved and more!

"The perfect product!"

The statistics show hobbies are what people love to spend their money on, they also show that DVDs are one of the most purchased items online, and from my companies experience we know the process and costs of creating and selling DVDs returns the highest rate of profits and the lowest need to make sales?

"Higher profits, means we reduce the number of customers we need to find each year, we also require less sales to reach a high level of income!"

Our DVD postage cost are very little in the UK and worldwide, we pack our DVDs in cases which are almost indestructible and never get damaged in the post, they're light weight, we've never had a case of postal theft and the DVDs fit through any standard letter box.

They cost very little to reproduce, are very cheap to ship and have very high profit margins and returns.

"The media revolution... here are the facts!"

Studies show that the average person in the UK that lives to the age of 72 years old would have watched the equivalent to 8 solid years of television. "8 years!"

People are also looking for new things to watch related to their hobbies and what interests them most.

*Are there any big competition to this line of business?

*Are National TV shows and channels a threat to your success?

DVD productions that are "hobby" "teaching" "training" and "How-to based" have no threat from mainstream TV. Mainstream TV produce mainly Dramas, films, documentaries, soaps, shopping, sports, news and birthdaygifts2018.blogspot.com reality.

DVD productions based on our hobbies are for example and as followed:

Health and beauty:

Your guide to Bridal hairstyles

How-to Become a beauty Nail technician

Poll dancing excises

Become a make-up artist
Arts and Crafts:

How-to draw portraits

How-to paint landscapes

How-to create miniature figurines

How-to make your own jewellery
Animals and pets:

Dog Training for beginners

Dog obedience training

Horse ridding

How-to make pet garments
Software training:

Microsoft excel training

Adobe Photoshop CS4 training

How-to build edit Videos with Final cut Pro

Adobe Flash Training

Speed bag Training for Boxers

How-to improve your Golf handicap

Fly fishing Tools and equipment

Poll dancing fitness

How-to Play the Piano

How-to Play Guitar

Vocal Training

How-to read music

That's just a small handful of subjects that can be covered producing DVDs there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of opportunities to create DVDs on any topic.

Mainstream TV is no competition for an independent DVD producer it can help to sell more DVDs.

Lets say you create a DVD on How-to play the Violin "just an example" and a month later a TV channel starts a new show, and the show is based on people learning to play the violin.

The show gets millions of viewers and thousands of people are now searching the internet looking to learn how to play the violin and all because they love the new show and a new "trend" is starting.

That could happen and if it did you could do very well, and if you don't believe that could happen! just take a look at Tattooing... that trend came about through a popular TV show called Miami Ink and now tattooing is more popular then its ever been.

Also look at the trend of people playing the card game "Texas hold em" this craze came about from a TV show in North America that had an audience of 200 million viewers, then people started to search the internet looking to learn how to play the card game Texas hold em.

"Serious business questions for independent video producers"

Are big companies in competition?

Do you need to compete on price?

Research shows that this is a problem that most if not all wholesale buyers and sellers face and "why most fail to make money!", and with good reason... imagine if you were selling Nintendo wii's on the internet, you wouldn't do too well and here's why...

All the big companies sell Nintendo wii's on and offline they buy more consoles then you could ever buy from suppliers, therefore it cost the big companies less per unit and that means that the big companies can offer the consoles at a cheaper price to customers then you ever could.

The same is true if you were to choose to sell to a particular marketplace lets say you choose to sell Home furnishing items to home owners.

Right away you'll have competition from Supermarkets and large retail stores selling the same or similar items to the same marketplace as you are "home owners"

Again the same is true if you invented a new hoover or household appliance, big companies like dyson, morphy richards, hennry and every other hoover manufacturer in the land would be in direct competition with you by selling similar items or alternative products to yours.

The point is this! large corporations are established, they already have the lion share of customers, they have their own distribution channels, super sized marketing budgets and can generate large profits with very small margins due to the shear volume of sales they make in their outlets and shops nationally and globally. Going head to head with a retail giant by selling what they sell and trying to compete on price will end in tears many find this out the hard way.

Yet this doesn't happen with the DVD producer business model for hobbies, most hobbies are targeted at small or niche markets that are seen as "small fry" to the large corporations dominating the super large marketplaces in the retail world. The chance for success is much higher because of this.

Is having a hobby, skill or special knowledge enough?

The facts shown by national statistics who collect information and carry out statistical analysts on behalf of the British government confirm that the second highest spend in the average UK household is hobbies and recreation, even higher then the cost of housing, clothing, food, education and health.

We also know from statistics carried out by national statistics and analyst Forrester Research that Internet spending continues to rise despite the recession and that the most purchased items on the Internet in the UK are books, DVDs and leisure travel.

Anyone reading this with a hobby, skill or special knowledge, including anyone who has an ounce of entrepreneurial blood or ambition to replace, double or triple their current income by doing something they love to do, will be bursting with nervous excitement at the facts and statistics that lay before them on this page.

Yes... my dear reader "it is time to start dreaming!"


There will be many people reading this who are knowledgeable in an area, have interests or skills to share in a particular subject, some reading may have already thought of creating an item based on their hobbies, interests or the skills they have.

Why not do a little research into your hobbies, the skills you possess and the interests you enjoy, who knows? You may discover that your idea or knowledge is in demand. There may even be cases where the item people want to buy just isn't available and when you create that item, they will quite literally throw their money at you to get their hands on it.

As a result those with a passion and those that know the ins and outs of their hobby (one that's in demand) will do extremely well and potentially make a lot of money creating and selling items with the right plan of action.

Is it for you!

Are you an expert in a particular field? Do you have a passion for your hobby? Are you knowledgeable in a particular topic? Do people always ask for your advice on a particular subject? Do you have a special skill to share? Have a professional qualification?

If yes... then the product creator and DVD producer business might just be for you!