Why Decorate Your Office With Picket Blinds

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Sunday: I prayed that my husband would grow in wisdom and his understanding would come from God, and that his relationship with God would proceed to develop and bear much fruit in his life. (This prayer concept was from Denise's weblog.)

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Monday: I prayed for two women that I met through running a blog. They're hurting emotionally and they're both angry at God. Their pain encouraged me to put in writing the publish Indignant at God? If you adored this article and you simply would like to receive more info pertaining to transform your work space please visit the site.

Tuesday: I prayed for Amrita in India that God would bless her vegetable backyard that she shares with hungry people. And that God would encourage different Christians in India to help the many people who don't have enough to eat. What a wonderful method to indicate the love of Jesus.

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Wednesday: I prayed for Deena that God would heal her most cancers by way of the Chemo therapies and that she would grow nearer to Him during this tough time.

Thursday: I prayed for the native missionaries serving Jesus through Gospel for Asia. I asked God to encourage them, financially provide for them, and assist them witness to their own folks.

Friday: I prayed for Christian girls who're serving God by way of their blogs. I asked God to: converse via their writing, help the ladies present the love of Jesus, help those writing and reading to grow spiritually, bless their weblog ministry spiritually, be glorified by means of their blogs.